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For over 50 years, DRS Insurance Group has worked with companies, big and small, to create coverage platforms that protect their hard-earned assets. First, we begin by analyzing your current business insurance program. Next, we work with top-rated carriers to provide a variety of options to suit your needs and budget.


From electricians and roofers to general contractors, the construction industry faces inherent risks, and job sites are often bustling with activity. Whether you are constructing a small residential complex or a large commercial building, an incident at a worksite could spell disaster for your business.

Build your future with an insurance policy designed uniquely for your industry to offset expenses related to employee injuries, client property damage, and potential litigation. DRS Insurance Group has the tools to help secure coverage that is as solid as your foundation. It is the concrete coverage you can count on and the service you deserve.

General Liability

General liability insurance covers instances of bodily injury, property damage, and other incidents for which your business is responsible. For example, if a visitor becomes injured at your job site or property damage occurs during a renovation, this insurance covers medical bills, repair fees, and legal expenses. 

Commercial Auto

Driving to and from worksites exposes construction and contracting businesses to a high level of risk. Therefore, you will likely require a commercial auto policy. Standard auto policies typically have coverage limitations or restrictions for vehicles used for work. 

Workers’ Compensation

In the construction industry, manual labor bears a high risk of injuries that could place a tremendous financial burden on your business. Workers’ Compensation provides wage replacement and medical benefits to employees if they suffer a work-related injury or illness. For instance, if your carpentry apprentice experiences a nail gun wound, it could lead to hefty medical bills and downtime. 

Tools and Equipment

From sanders and power drills to cranes and bulldozers, guarantee your gear is protected all the time, everywhere. Tools and Equipment Insurance is designed for construction and contracting companies that work at different job sites. It covers the cost to repair or replace damaged, lost, or stolen items. 


If you are a contractor, you will be required to provide proof of bonding on almost every construction project. Not only do construction bonds make it legal for you to complete your work, but it legitimizes and protects your business. If your bid, performance, and payment bonds are canceled or not properly renewed, your operation can face legal repercussions or permanently shutdown. 

Coverages range depending on size and structure of your organization.
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