Personal Umbrella Insurance

Provides an additional layer of liability protection when other coverages stop.

Imagine you start a kitchen fire in your apartment that spreads to other units. Perhaps your fishing boat collides with a pontoon boat. Or, you cause a 10-car pile-up on the interstate. What would happen if you exhausted the insurance limits on your homeowners, watercraft, or auto policies? In most cases, you are responsible for any costs over your coverage limit. So, protect yourself with a personal umbrella policy (PUP).


To safeguard your hard-earned assets and future from unfortunate events, you may want an extra level of protection. Therefore, a personal umbrella policy is a must. It provides liability coverage over and above your standard insurance policy and offers financial security against large and potentially devastating liability claims, settlements, or judgments.

Contact us today to determine the right coverage limit that fits your financial need and budget. The cost is minimal compared to the comfort of knowing you are covered.


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Personal Umbrella Insurance

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