David Gibson

I grew up in Florida, I have lived on the Space Coast for the majority of my life. After high school, I attended UCF and joined ZBT (fraternity). I am fairly new to the insurance industry, having only just recently become a 220 licensed agent. That being said, I am the fourth generation of the Gibson name to follow this path. My life has been full of “insurance talk”, and I believe that sort of secondhand experience has helped me tremendously at this stage in my career. I think what excites me most about working in the insurance industry is the freedom; freedom to choose from a variety of niches to work within, and consequently the diversity of people I will work with.

I am a huge UFC fan. I am into all sports but MMA is something I appreciate on an entirely different level. I spend a good amount of time contemplating and learning the nature of the universe and our existence and consciousness. I would consider it my “least known about” interest. I try to not miss a UFC event, which occur on most Saturday nights; so, wherever I am, I find somewhere to watch. Other than that, I spend a lot of my free time working out and learning about various subjects unrelated to work. My favorite way to spend a weekend (when I can) is traveling, anywhere that I haven’t seen before.

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