Eva A Gibson

I grew up in Texas and moved to Florida in 1975. I traded in my cowboy boots, pickup truck, and horses for flip flops, surfboards, and “Gators”! I began my insurance career as a Customer Service Representative. I have worked in all departments of insurance until my current position attained in 2014. I am excited to be able to contribute to our success by analyzing our company’s strengths and weaknesses and then proposing corrective actions.

Personally, I really enjoy decorating and remodeling, whether it’s a single room or an entire home. My guilty pleasure is ordering Bread Pudding at any restaurant offering it and so far no one has been able to top the one served at Commanders Palace in New Orleans! My favorite way to spend a weekend – the 3 R’s , Relax, Reflect on my accomplishments and appreciate what I have & Recharge by meditating or doing something fun.

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